As a warrior.

When working towards accomplishing mission objectives or killing swarms of enemies sometimes having a plan of action on how to best deal with these things has its perks. While it feels like I can use the same plan of attack with almost anyone (with a few exceptions) sometimes I find myself battling differently depending on what warrior I'm using (and whether or not I will end up screaming at them).

In the case of Linkle I'll use her somewhat differently than I would, say, Zelda or even Midna. As Linkle's standard weapon is the crossbows I am able to stand further back and attack enemies from afar. A lot of the time though I will find myself right up in their faces which can sometimes leave me a bit open to counterattack, but I dodge constantly so as to avoid taking damage from their attacks or to get past their guard when they're blocking my attacks. I don't use guard as much as I should, as dodge can be situational, but I'm slowly getting into the habit of remembering to use it when I need to (I'm looking at you Manhandla and your stupid seed barrage thing!). There will still be those times where I'll rage from massive damage, but with Linkle it seems to happen less than others.

With Linkle's boots using her is a little bit different. Due to the speed and range of the boots I find myself getting right up in their faces and kicking them where it hurts. They are a fair bit slower than the crossbows, but even so I find it fairly easy to pull off attacks and combos without being countered. As such, my strategy is more or less the same as if I were using the crossbows, minus the shorter range. Although the boots are really fun to use I still find myself preferring to use the crossbows likely due to the short range and that I don't have any upgrades for the boots yet. Still, they are a lot of fun for those times when I decide to use them instead of the crossbows.

When doing those maps in Adventure Mode where I'm allowed to select more than one warrior to use for my team I'll always choose Linkle and some favorites. My teams generally consist of Linkle, Twili Midna, Zelda, and maybe Impa or Shiek, but this has a tendency of varying depending on what characters I'm really into at the time and what the recommended elements are. Linkle is generally always in there regardless as she can defeat most enemies with ease. This may have to do though with the fact that she is my highest leveled warrior by far, almost doubling everyone else––the only exception being Link due to his mandatory requirement in Legend Mode. Because of this I'll sometimes switch to another warrior if the bosses health is low or if I feel like using someone else.

And that about concludes how I use Linkle. It's possible I missed out on a few things, but it can be easy to forget some things when you have no time to stop and think when everything is trying to kill you. I hope anyway that now you have some idea on how I like to use Linkle.