Final thoughts.

I've loved Linkle ever since she was first announced as a playable character in the 3DS port, even going as far as to make a domain layout featuring her. Although I'll admit it wasn't one of the best layouts I had ever done, I did find myself missing it after revamping my domain (go figure, eh?). Anyway, about why I love Linkle. I'll admit when I first met Linkle in Hyrule Warriors Legends and got to see a bit about what she was like, she did bug me a little bit. Something about her almost grated me. I'm not quite sure what or why though. Was it the way she acted? The way she was so sure she was the legendary hero? Her affinity with cuccos? I'm not sure. Those feelings didn't last long, however, and soon I was completely in love with her. I use her every chance I get and currently she is even my highest level warrior. Outside of utilizing the training dojo I don't think I can get anyone as high as her (maybe with Link being the only exception).

I don't think I ever expected myself to love Linkle so much. I think I'd even go as far to say that I love her more than Zelda, and that's saying a lot, because I love Zelda a TON. However, I don't think she could ever replace Zelda for me. They are both amazing in their own ways and looking at it that way makes it really difficult to compare the two of them. I love Zelda for her wisdom and grace, and I love Linkle for her energy and heroism. The contrast between them is huge so there really is no comparison. One thing these two ladies seem to share in common though is that they seem to receive a lot of hate from the fans, and that makes me sad. To me, both girls are so incredibly amazing so I don't really understand the hate. Whatever their reasons I won't let it diminish how I feel about these two and will continue to love them no matter what.