The legendary hero?

Growing up Linkle's grandmother would secretly tell her that she was the legendary hero and that she was destined to one day save Hyrule in its greatest hour of need. Her grandmother gave her a magic compass and she fully believes it is proof of her destiny. But is this really true? Is Linkle really the legendary hero? Or was it just the words of a loving grandmother trying to make her feel special? Here's what I think.

I'm gonna be upfront about this: I do not think Linkle is the legendary hero. In The Legend of Zelda the legendary hero has almost always had possession of, or been chosen by, the Triforce of Courage. As we can see Linkle has neither and Link is the one who has been gifted with the Triforce of Courage. Also, in every single case the legendary hero has been male. However that doesn't mean there couldn't be a female hero. There's always an exception, right? Hyrule Warriors is also a weird case as there exists multiple incarnations of the legendary hero due to the opening of several timelines, but I think in this case Linkle and Link exist in the same timeline so I'm not sure if this still works. Just a thought anyway.

Despite my thoughts of Linkle not being the legendary hero I certainly think she is a hero in her own right. She is always willing to help those in need without a second thought and will do whatever it takes to defeat the enemy in front of her. However, there is this thought in the back of my mind that wonders if her confidence in her unwavering belief could play against her. What if she comes up against an enemy she can't defeat? Will she break down and crumble like it's the end of the world or will she get back up and keep moving? I think if she can figure this out she has what it takes, and I truly believe she does. I don't think Linkle is so arrogant as to think she's invincible and she definitely isn't one to turn down a helping hand when it's offered. I think those are important qualities of a hero.

But what about Linkle's compass? What of its origins? Why does it have the Hyrule family royal crest on it? Why does Linkle think it's proof she's the legendary hero? I have my own theories about this as well. It is possible that her grandmother once served the royal family in some manner. Foresight seems to be a common gift among the ladies of the royal family so it is even possible that it was foreseen Linkle would have need of the compass to one day save Hyrule. Because of this the royal lady at the time could have given it to her grandmother, telling her to pass it on to her granddaughter and tell her of her destiny (although perhaps maybe exaggerated a bit). It does seem like her grandmother knew what she was talking about when she told Linkle she was a hero.