Just a female Link?

I've read so many comments on various sites and seen search engine results talking about how Linkle is just a "female version of Link" and bashing her because of that. It makes me sad. I'd like to tell you guys what I think, and how I feel that Linkle is not just a female Link but her own character, completely separate from Link, and that she's just as awesome. As an added note, the aim of this article is not to express why I think those people are wrong, but rather to open people up to the idea of Linkle being her own character.

First off, let's talk about Link. Link is what is primarily known as a silent protaganist and is the main character of a video game series, namely The Legend of Zelda. He doesn't have any given dialogue and his personality is more or less left up to the player's imagination. Link is considered to be a digital representation of the player so I think the feelings are more based on the player rather than the character. It does feel like I'm the one saving the princess, but even characters with dialogue make me feel this way so I'm not sure how that works. All this hero business also seems to always be thrown on Link with no time to prepare, but he always seems to be ready and willing to accept his destiny with no complaints, and without letting all this hero business go to his head.

And what about Linkle? What makes her so different from Link? Well, she is anything but silent––in fact she can be quite loud––and is not a protaganist in her own game (at least not yet anyway, it could happen!). She has her own dialogue and a defined personality to top things off. A total contrast to Link. Because of these things it could be difficult to feel like she's a digital representation of the player, but then again maybe not. Also, unlike Link, Linkle has been told stories about her being a hero, likely from a young age, giving her lots of time to prepare for the day she begins her journey. I think also too this hero business goes to her head a little bit, but I don't think she goes so far as to be arrogant about it. Also Linkle gets along with cuccos a lot better than Link does.

Honestly, the only things these two seem to share in common are their hair color, eye color, clothing colors, and are heroes. I guess with those things alone it could be easy to think of Linkle as a female Link. When you really get down to it though Link and Linkle couldn't be more different.